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155pcs Watch Repair Tool Kit

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    This 155 Pcs Watch Repair Tools Kit is from H&S Alliance UK Ltd. It must for any watchmaker of any level, beginners will love it. If you are adjusting the size of your watch band, you will find everything you need here. Ideal for traveling or using in fairs, kiosks or as a hobby. Kit comes in a box and contains 155 pcs. 


    -High quality 155 pcs watch repair tools kit contents watch link pin removal tool kit, watch back case removal tool kit, and more 
    -Adjustable watch back case remover / opener tool - excellent for opening waterproof cases up to 34mm 
    -Anti-magnetic watchmakers screwdrivers are most needed screwdriver for watchmakers 
    -Hand-Remover - takes the guessing out of removing hands from watches 
    -6 watch strap spring-pins each of size for a total of 108 pieces 
    -Watch strap link pin removal kit for strap adjustment and replacement 


    -Watch Strap Spring Pin Size: 8-25mm, Dia: 1.5mm 
    -Box Size: 345mm x 225mm x 45mm 

    Package Contents 

    -1x Plastic Bracelet Holder with Slots 
    -1x Serrated long-nose Pliers 
    -1x Watch back pry opener (with yellow ergo handle) 
    -1x Watch Case Opener Knife 
    -1x Double Headed Hammer (Nylon/Steel) 
    -1x Polishing Cloth 
    -1x Link Remover 
    -3x Spare Pins for Link Remover 
    -1x Hand Remover 
    -1x Spring Bar Tool 
    -2x Spare tips for spring bar tool 
    -108x Watch Strap Spring pins 
    -1x Watch Case Holder 
    -1x Magnifier Loupe for Inspection 
    -3x Precision Anti-magnetic Slotted Screwdriver (1.2mm, 1.4mm, 1.6mm) 
    -3x Spare Blades for Anti-magnetic Slotted Screwdriver 
    -3x Pin Punch(0.8mm, 0.9mm, 1.0mm) 
    -1x Mini Phillips Screwdriver 
    -2x Spare pins for pin punch 
    -1x Adjustable Case Opener 
    -18x Adjustable Case Opener Pins

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