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2 x Velvet Necklace Bust Stand

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    This is our new black velvet necklace stand with a difference. Regular necklace stands only display necklaces, whereas ours can show off a pair of earrings too! With a tough cardboard back and a fold-out standing system, these displays are durable and able to be stored flat for ease of storage and manoeuvrability. The black velvet finish adds a touch of class to any jewellery boutique or market stall by bringing out the details of any piece on show. They can accommodate necklaces of all lengths with a slotted fixing system to keep all pieces in place. Two holes located at the top enable a pair of earrings to be displayed with the necklace.

    • Padded Black Velvet

    • Displays necklaces of all lengths

    • Shows off earrings 

    • Collapsible 

    • Portable 



    • Height: 320mm (12.5") 
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