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40 Bra Strap Extenders

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    Improve the fit and comfort of your bra with bra extenders. They give you more breathing room and extending the life of your favourite bra.


    - Our bra strap extenders are made of 100% nylon with steel hooks and eyes, hand wash, air dry
    - Soft and comfortable
    - Adds extra inches for half sizes bras or hard to find bras
    - Make any bra band fit for most size bra
    - This set of bra strap extenders has 20 colours, white, black, beige for 2 and 3 hook bra
    - Hand wash, air dry


    - 3 hooks - Width 2.20" (5.5cm), Length 2.0" (5cm)
    - 2 hooks - Width 1.20" (3cm), Length 2.0" (5cm)

    Package Contents

    - 40 x Bra Strap Extenders

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