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50 Hot Glue Sticks 7mm x 100mm

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    UPC: 799475474941


    Our hot melt glue gun sticks are made from resin EVA, which is not only flexible, and durable, but environmentally friendly. Compatible with most glue guns, and can be used on multiple surfaces. 


    - Our hot melt glue gun sticks are made with resin EVA (Environmentally Friendly Material)

    - High quality finish, transparent flexible sticks and ease of use / application

    - Strong adhesive to stick to many surfaces

    - Suitable for applying onto Metal, Wood, Glass, Fabric, etc

    - Stick sizes: Length 100mm, Diameter 7mm


    - Glue Stick Diameter 7mm

    - Glue Stick Length 100mm

    Package Contents 


    - 50 x Hot Melt Glue Sticks 

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