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Chain Lock 6mm x 2m

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    UPC: 799475467226

    The H&S Chain Lock is a supremely strong chain lock system for total security and peace of mind. The chain is covered by a nylon sheath made for deterring would-be thieves. Great for your motorcycles, bike, scooters, camping, BBQ or other valuables you wish to keep secure, you can now sleep, go to work or play with confidence knowing your belongings are safe with the H&S Chain Lock.




    -The chain links made of triple heat-treated boron manganese for the ultimate strength in a chain
    -Narrow inner width of individual links defends against leverage attacks
    -Durable nylon protective cover prevents scratching your precious equipment
    -Heavy duty Security padlock
    -Hardened steel padlock body
    -Hardened boron alloy steel closed shackle
    - Diameter of chain 6mm
    - Length of chain: 2.0 meters(79")

    Package Contents

    -1 x Chain
    -1 x Padlock
    -3 x Keys

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