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Dice 30pcs

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    UPC: 799475475481

    Our 6 Sided Dice Pack comes in numerous colour choices, for any type of game, or mood. Its Eco-friendly acrylic material can be used for any situation, and on any surface, so any location competition can use this, whether it an Amateur venue or a High Stake Professional event, you can trust these to help in creating an exciting game




    - Made from Eco-friendly acrylic material for sturdiness, and use on any surface
    - Rounded edges for smoother rolling
    - Comes in 6 colours (Blue, Green, Orange, Purple as well as Classic White and Black), 5 pieces for each colour
    - Smart and Professional look for any occasion (Amateur or Professional Scale)


    - 16mm x 16mm x 16mm

    Package Contents

    - 30 x Dices

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