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Herb Grinder Metal 4 Piece 2.2"

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    UPC: 799475475351


    Use this executive foldover clipboard folder to stay organised and look professional for that important meeting. Finished in a high quality black faux leather with stitching detail.



    - The Herb Grinder is made from high grade aluminium alloy
    - Solid anodized aluminium alloy ensures long-lasting durability
    - Razor sharp curved diamond teeth shred and fluff your herb quickly and with ease
    - Precisely sized holes ensure only herb ground to the proper size passes through
    - Powerful Magnets hold the lid tightly shut to avoid waste
    - Micron Screen sifts pollen to catch the finest grinds




    - 55 x 40mm (2.2"x1.6")
    - Weight: 140g


    Box Contains


    - 1 x Herb Grinder

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