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Lacrosse Ball 2pcs

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    UPC: 799475475573

    Lacrosse Balls / Trigger Point Massage Balls are perfect for either light or heavy workouts, can be used for any body part, whether it is Back, shoulders, hips legs etc, these help with giving relief with any muscle knots. A must for any hip/joint exercise relief.




    - The trigger point massage balls are made from silicone, firm density
    - Perfect for trigger point therapy – Giving relief from muscle knots – durable but comfortable and will withstand high use, and will retain shape
    - The lacrosse balls are suitable for Pilates, Yoga, both Physical and Massage Therapy, and can be used for both professionals and home use
    - Can be used before and after workouts, light or heavy


    - Ball Diameters: 65mm
    - Weight: 160g

    Package Contents

    - 2 x Lacrosse Balls (Blue and Orange)

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