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Long Handle Body Brush

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    UPC: 799475474422

    This lovely and practical back scrubber, not only looks natural (with is Bamboo Wood Material) but does the job to perfection, with its strong but soft natural bristles, this is perfect for cleaning those hard to reach areas of the back.




    - The long handle body brush is made of bamboo material for strength and smart design
    - Strong and medium soft natural bristles for deep scrubbing, but gentle on the skin
    - Rope hanger to help with storage
    - Extremely lightweight
    - Removes dead skin and toxins, stimulates circulation, stimulates the hormone and oil-producing glands


    - Size: 40 x 10.5cm (15.75” x 4.13”)
    - Weight: 186g

    Box Contains

    - 1 x Long Handle Body Brush

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