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Manual Lemon Squeezer

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    UPC: 799475473906

    This simple but effective squeezer, help with creating juices from those glorious fruits, weather it be Lemons, Limes etc, even some vegetables like tomatoes, this helps squeezes those into nice smooth juices in the palm of your hands. Designed to be tough, but simple, with no worries of rust, this will be the perfect choice for the kitchen, or Bar to help those Juice taste buds.




    - HIGH QUALITY - H&S Lemon Squeezer is made of durable zinc construction, durable and will not rust
    - EASY TO USE - To extract the most juice first slice the lemon in half and then place it inside the dome with the cut-side facing down- Bring the two handles together to start juicing- The juicer will turn the lemon inside-out to get every last drop
    - TIMELESS DESIGN - H&S Lemon Squeezer is an eye-catcher for every modern kitchen due to their modern and timeless design
    - LARGE CAPACITY - Large bowl (Dia. 7cm) can handle large size lemon and lime
    - EASY TO CLEAN - Rinse it with water and a mild detergent after use



    - 22 x 5 x 7 cm (H x W x T)
    - Bowl Dia.: 7 cm

    Box Contains

    - 1 x Lemon Squeezer

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