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Metallic Marker Pens Set of 10

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    UPC: 799475475825

    Our Metallic Marker Pens are perfect for any use and situation, whether it is Arts and Crafts, Warehouse notification, or even just writing notes at home, these can do the job. They are odourless and xylene free, which makes it perfect for any age to use. Essential for anyone needed to jot down important notes, or for any design situation.




    - H&S Metallic Pen Set of 10 allows you to enjoy the smooth flowing comfort of a metallic pens with the creative impact of sparkling color
    - High quality felt tip markers provide even application and ensure clean lines, prevents the tip from fraying even after repeated use
    - Smooth-flowing ink is quick drying, paint markers are designed for painting, drawing, coloring and more, which works great on painted on walls, glass, ceramics, CDs, etc.
    - These shiny ink markers make brilliantly opaque marks on darker papers. They completely cover the underlying surface
    - The metallic ink for a shimmering, professional look and feel, adding personalized sparkling accents to greeting cards, stickers, and crafts

    Box Contains

    - 1 x Set of 10 Metallic Marker Pens

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