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Reusable Cable Ties

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    UPC: 799475474835


    Need to secure those ties, but also add more in the future, then these will be the perfect solution, easy to use with is hook & loop feature, simply wrap around the items you want to secure and when the tape overlaps itself it will grip to create a reusable fastening with excellent sheer strength that remains easy to peel open. These are perfect for your needs.


    -Strong reusable, adjustable hook and loop cable ties are made from nylon material 
    -Perfect for organising and controlling cables, wires and cords, can be used both indoors and outdoors
    -Releasable, easy to secure and undo 
    -Hand-Remover - takes the guessing out of removing hands from watches 
    -Reusable ties - No need to cut the ties any more, just undo the tie, and re-use 


    -12mm x 160mm 

    Package Contents 

    -50 x reusable black cable ties 

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