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Set of 4 Artist Blank Canvas Frame 20x30cm 30x40cm

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    UPC: 799475474965

    They are made from 100% acid free, high grade cotton, suitable for acrylic, oil and other painting mediums.




    -Our artist blank canvas frames are made of 100% acid free cotton, high quality pine wood frame
    -Made of 100% acid free cotton
    -Back stapled edge, acid free
    -The sides can be painted
    -Comes with 4 sets of 8 wood tightening keys
    -Suitable for acrylic, oil and other painting mediums



    -20cm x 30cm
    -30cm x 40cm
    -Frame Thickness: 15mm

    Box Contains

    -4x Artist Blank Canvas Stretcher
    -32x Tightening Keys

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