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Shower Curtain Hooks 14pcs

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    UPC: 799475474767

    Need to hang your shower curtain, but get frustrated with the complicated hooks and mechanisms? Then look no further that our simple but effective shower rails. With these hooks, you can make your shower curtains glide across the rail with ease (with its x5 Roller per hook feature) and knowing that it can accommodate straight or curved rails. Vital for creating that beautiful bathroom, you so desperately deserve.


    - The shower curtain ring hooks are made from stainless steel
    - 5 ball rollers on each hook for ease of movement along the rail
    - Easy to add the curtains and to attach onto rails
    - Shower curtains glide across the rail with ease


    - Size: 7 x 3.5cm
    - Max load: 3kg (6.6 lbs)

    Package Contents

    - 14 x Shower Curtain Ring Hooks

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