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Slow Feeder Dog Bowl

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    Is your pet eating their food too quickly? And is this making your pet overweight? Bloated? Or unwell? Then our slow feeder dog / cat bowl will help with train your pet to eat slowly without causing frustration when they are eating. 


    - The slow feeder dog / cat bowl is made from food grade ABS plastic 
    - Slow eating bowl with anti-skid bottom no frustration when the pet eats, the bowl will not skid along the floor 
    - Designed to help the pets eat more naturally, and prevents them from overeating, bloating/obesity, and any regurgitating 
    - The slow feeding bowl is simple design and easy to use - No complicated setup, and nothing to attach as this is a single item 


    - The bowl size: dia. 20cm (8"), heigth 5cm (2") 
    - Weight: 240g 

    Package Contents 

    - 1 x Slow Feeder Bowl 

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