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Stainless Steel Door Wedge

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    UPC: 799475473999


    A simple but sturdy door wedge to keep your room or office door open, with a strong metallic shape, there is no chance of this snapping when used, and with is rubber top and base, it makes sure that both door and floor has no marks, and will stay where you want it to be.


    - The Door Stop Wedge is made of polished chrome steel

    - Lightweight and portable, sturdy and strong, but with a lovely weight for movement

    - Rubber base for floor protection, and to stop the wedge from moving when securing the door

    - Rubber Top for door protection as well as making sure the door stay open

    - It is an eye-catcher for every modern home due to their modern and timeless design


    - Length:120mm(4.7")

    - Width: 40mm(1.6")

    - Thickness: 7mm to 30mm(0.3" to 1.2")

    Package Contents 

    -2 x Door Stop Wedges

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