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Stainless Steel Shower Head

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    This Universal Handheld Showerhead is what you need to have a relaxing shower, with the round cylinder design, it is easy to handle and use to clean the awkward parts where a main showerhead just cannot reach, with the Clog-Free Nozzles you will have full power and use of this item no matter which angle you use this, its stainless steel body means that no rust will ruin the look of the item.


    - This universal shower head is made of stainless steel body for rust prevention
    - Easy to handle and use with its round cylinder design
    - Light weight design but sturdy in strength
    - Universal fitting
    - Can be used with most showers
    - Easy to attach and use, simply screw it into place
    - Fit most shower hose pipes


    - 19.5 x 2.8 x 2.8 cm
    - Weight 147g

    Package Contents
    - 1 x Shower head

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