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Women Shoe Stretchers

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    This high quality pine wood shoe stretcher is a fantastic product for expanding the Length and Width of shoes. If you have a pair of shoes that are a little small or tight you can use the shoe stretcher to expand the shoes and gain the perfect fit. The stretchers can also be used to maintain the shape of your shoes which often become creased over time. 

    You can use this product for relieving pain caused by bunions and corns. This is done by simply adjusting and moving the plastic caps positioned around the wooden insert. This will apply additional pressure in the key areas to create more space. These are located in key areas; most commonly effected by foot problems. 


    -The ladies shoe stretchers are made of high quality solid pine wood 
    -4 x Cedar Wood Balls which are impervious to insects and repel moths 
    -Breaking in new shoes 
    -Stretching the length of shoes that are a little small 
    -Stretching the width of shoes that feel tight 
    -Stretching individual shoes when feet are between shoe sizes 
    -Relieving pain created by bunions and corns 
    -Maintaining the shape of shoes 
    -Other foot imperfections 
    -For both left and right foot 
    -Suitable for ladies shoe sizes 3-7 


    -Suitable for shoe UK size: 3-7, EU Size: 36-41 

    Package Contents 

    -2 x Shoe Stretchers(a Pair) 
    -4 x Pressure Relief Plugs 
    -4 x Cedar Wood Balls

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