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Yoga Block set of 2

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    UPC: 799475475665

    Our Yoga Blocks are perfect to help with those elongated type of poses and stretches, creating a comfortable height and stability when needed. Extremely lightweight and portable for ease of use, as well as being comfortable due to its EVA Foam material, why be uncomfortable while trying to relax those muscles?




    - Our Yoga Blocks are made from high-density EVA foam for long lasting use, as well as being Eco-Friendly
    - Lightweight and portable perfect when using moving between different postures and stretches
    - These help with deepening and elongating your stretches, helping with those poses for relaxations and comfort
    - Comes in Blue and Purple colours



    - 23×15×8cm
    - Weight 180g

    Box Contains

    - 2 x Yoga Blocks

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